Quality and enviroment

The policy of the Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work) of Sistemas Técnicos de Manufacturas S.L., whose scope is “Design, Development, Manufacture and Implementation of Corporate Image” is based on the following principles:

Quality, Environmental Protection and the commitment to prevention of damage and deterioration of health are priorities for SISTEMAS TÉCNICOS DE MANUFACTURAS, S.L.

* Quality is to meet all the demands and expectations of our customers.

* The attainment of quality is Everyone’s task. Its foundation lies in the daily work of each individual. This daily effort must be enrolled in a framework of consistent and coordinated actions. The staff has the necessary resources for a proper environmental and safety and health management, as well as the achievement of objectives and goals of the Integrated Management System, as defined by the organization.
* The quality of the products and services provided to our customers is a strategic advantage over our competitors. Our products and services are respectful of the environment. The manufacture and installation of our products is committed to continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
* The quality and respect for the environment engages to comply with ethical and moral values ​​in business sense that society needs and defines, minimizing as far as possible negative environmental impacts.
* To involve, motivate and engage our staff in order to seek their participation in the management, development and completion of the implemented Integrated Management System, to achieve the standards required by the client, and internally, as a continuous improvement of the integrated management system.
* To establish training programs, which allow having a staff with a high level of skills to perform the activities within the Integrated Management System, and spread a sense of respect for the environment and the safety and health at work.

* To ensure the health, the integrity and the welfare of each and everyone of the people who form the company, creating a culture of prevention in health and safety matters.

* The organization ensures to meet legal and regulatory requirements that are to be applied to our activity, as well as the requirements signed by the organization itself.

* To achieve a continuous improvement process and problem prevention, developed by the standards of the norms: UNE -EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

* The Top Management Team is committed to comply with the requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System. Also, this Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health at Work Policy is frequently reviewed for its continuous suitability and communicated to the concerned parties.